author on a pier with Lake Atitlan in Guatemala behind him
author on a pier with Lake Atitlan in Guatemala behind him

I am a professional photographer with a background in theatrical filmmaking (horror films mostly) and digital media for both profit and non-profit organizations. I’ve been doing these things as well as private tutoring for about 30 years now.

I’ve been writing for Medium since December 2020, and I am really enjoying it. I try to put stuff up once a week based on my own experience as a photographer, filmmaker, or frequent visitor to Guatemala. I also try to add historical context and esthetic appreciation of photography whenever it’s appropriate in both of my publications here.

The audience for is general, that is, for people who want to deepen their appreciation of photography as an art. The other publication is , which is aimed at people interested in visiting Guatemala or living in Guatemala or just curious about life there.

Some of the more technical articles in Photo are aimed at photography teachers and students. These are:

: an alternative way to think of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

: focusing on shadows rather than light.

: Three-point lighting and the role of direction with each of these.

But there are also some articles in Guate that blend both my experience as a documentary photographer and life in Guatemala that students of photography might find of interest:

: Shooting a photo essay in the highlands of Guatemala

: difficulties and issues of shooting documentary photography

Finally, a photo-essay about Don Rafa, a living and working in the highlands of Guatemala.

I hope these are enjoyable! And if they can be of any use to anyone in the classroom, please help yourself!

Filmmaker, writer, photographer born in Guatemala, raised in Los Angeles, and now living near Philadelphia. Listed in IMDB and Wikipedia as Roberto A. Quezada

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